Life at Bloomberg — from TLP Tenerife to London

Your first prod deployment at a company with a worldwide customer base and a direct impact on the global capital markets is significant — all the moreso for an intern whose only concerns a month earlier were passing exams and completing assignments. Let’s look at what a student’s path – starting with all the great opportunities provided by TLP Tenerife, then moving to university in the UK, and then starting a career in industry in London – is like. We’ll also look at how the increasing levels of responsibility – while daunting at first – are immensely rewarding!

What’s it like? How does each stage compare to the prior one? Does anyone *really* use all those ‘Agile’ terms we learned? My path – from volunteering at TLP Tenerife for years, to studying in Glasgow, and now working at Bloomberg in London – is one full of changes and adapting to new situations.